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Naval Action map

Yet another map with in-game map resources ship and wood comparisons. Port battle data is updated constantly from twitter and all data daily after

Harbor Map - Naval Action Craft

Map of all harbors available in Naval Action displaying the current nationality in the name because the Naval Action API seems to have some encoding issues. Feel free to send me questions or suggestions to [email protected]

Copper Plating - Naval Action Wiki - Fandom

Copper sheathing is the practice of protecting the under-water hull of a ship or boat from the corrosive effects of salt water and biofouling through the use of

Production Buildings - Naval Action-pedia

Gold Coins sell for considerably more than Gold Ore. If one has coal available Crafting Gold into Gold Ingots then into Gold Coins

UnOfficial Guide to British Ports Resource Produce & Consume (WIP)

14256 of coal - Live Oak - Iron Ore - Sweedish Iron - 408 of compass wood - Historical Aritfact - oak log - Copper ore - 792 of Fir log - Iberian

Blog — Naval Action

11 Sep 2017 Port battle entry rights is limited to captains who are members of clans You can only destroy one stack in 25 seconds; Copper mine building

Crafting | NavalAction Wikia | Fandom

Crafting in the current stage of Naval Actions involves gathering resources to construct ships. Certain ships Copper Ingots Copper Ore Coal. Gold Coins

Shop Prices :: Wilmington - Naval Action Craft

Prices for the Port: Wilmington ordered by servers currently available for Naval Action. Copper Ore 33 33 15 15. Danish Beer - - - -. Fir Log - - - -.

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