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clint wont take copper ore stardew valley

Clint's copper ore quest :: Stardew Valley General Discussions

4 Nov 2020 Simply "giving" him the ore doesn't work if the quest marker isn't full and you lose one ore from your inventory and make him sad. a very long time: Clint wants you to gather some copper ore (15 or 20 depends) but the ore

How to have Clint inspect coal? - Stardew Valley - GameFAQs

Yes. I routinely do it for copper ore for Clint. Needs 25? I just take them out of a chest one at a time. The Official Odin of the Shin Megami Tensei

Problem with gathering quest for Clint : StardewValley - Reddit

9 Mar 2016 I can't get him to take the damn ore for the quest and it's a pain in the ass. pulled the ore out of storage just like this time but suddenly he won't take it as Only works with copper gathered from mines AFTER quest is given.

iOS - [BUG] Clint bug | Stardew Valley Forums

28 Apr 2020 The issue is regarding gathering copper ores for Clint. Once I accept the request and proceed to give the ores to Clint he states “this makes me depressed. I tried putting a Diamond on it and it won't accept it as well.

Quest Bug: Can't give ore to Clint :: Stardew Valley Bug Reports

1 Mar 2016 I accepted a quest to give 20 Copper Ore to Clint the Blacksmith for 220G and I get to keep the ore afterward. However when I attempt to deliver the ore it registers as a gift which happens to be Don't make the same mistake Gantros and I did. #4 Piles larger than the amount requested will not register.

Bug/Issue - Still can't Turn in Quests to Clint! | Chucklefish Forums

People tell me when Clint asks for Ore to mine them fresh and bring them to him.. for PC/Console visit the support section of forums.stardewvalley.net from clint "I need 15 copper ore to check for minerals inside" fine. I go mining I come back with 23. I go to talk to clint. he won't accept it at the counter.

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