Women & Family Ministry

Women’s Commission

Women’s Commission provides a platform for women to get together to share their joy and to interact and deliberate on issues and problems concerning them. This also provides opportunity to find out innovative ways and means for a positive change. Above all the gathering helps women to get inspiration to make a change within and to grow spiritually emotionally and socially.

The women’s Commission encourages women to form solidarity and support with groups like Domestic workers, widows, divorced and separated women, single women, battered wives, wives of alcoholics, teenage groups etc. Women’s Commission by its timely support empowers women through various publications and programs to address their issues collectively

Family Commission

Family Apostolic aids the parish in various ways. Family counseling, family faith formation, role of parents, children, elders and guardians in the family etc are some of the issues taken up by the commission. Different activities of the Family Apostolate

  1. Pre-marital counseling
  2. Marriage enrichment seminars
  3. Jubilee Celebrations for Couples
  4. Family day, Mother’s day, Father’s day celebrations
  5. Movements for mothers, fathers, singles, widows, widowers and senior citizens
  6. Life Guidance course for School – College Students
  7. Counseling services
  8. Marriage Bureaus
  9. HOME Mission